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Posted By : Tammie Crabtree-Davis – e-Mail: Tammieclimb@comcast.net
When I was a teen-ager my friends and I would eat at the "Yellow Deli" all the time. I really missed it when the Deli dissapeared. I'm really glad to see that your back.
Posted By : Ben Conners – e-Mail: www.filmbay.com

This is a very nicely designed website, nice job. If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up, thanks again, Ben, Filmbay Editor

Posted By : Le'Ann – e-Mail: tpsbluesqueky@yahoo.com

How can I find out more about this and everything?

Posted By : Jill & Matt – e-Mail: jill4olemiss@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for allowing us to shoot some of our engagement pictures at your lovely deli! You were so sweet to offer us a meal "on the house" and we hated to leave. We returned at the end of the evening and had a wonderful dinner. I have a feeling that we will be frequent customers (Matt really loves your chili and cornbread!). We wanted to share a few of the photos from the shoot with you: http://www.momentville.com/jillandmatt08/photo_albums]photos. The school bus and the wildflower pictures were all taken at the Yellow Deli!! Thanks again!

Posted By : Amy Carter – e-Mail: ahc858@verizon.net

Good Morning and God Bless,
I was so glad to read about the reunion of the Yellow deli last time I was in Chatt. Like may I have very fond memories of the Deli and what it stood for. I also remember when all the brooha started about the "Cult" stuff.
I was a little young to really understand why the churches were so against everything you were trying to enlighten others about. I too was going to First Presbyterian in the mid 70's. But was asked not to come back when I was asking questions about God and the Bible that the Pastor couldn't answer. I think he just didn't like the idea that a teenager could or would question what he was teaching.
But I digress and forgiveness is very important in my walk with God.
I want to thank you for all the wonderful memories that I had. The fellowship my friends and I experienced when we came to eat. I will say that nothing has ever come close to the papaya juice that you served.
I was wondering if the Deli was going to reopen now that you are in Chattanooga again? I live in Virginia but come there often to visit my family. It would be nice to have a place were I could come and freely talk to others about God.

Posted By : John Logan – e-Mail: ppchat@bellsouth.net

My name is John Logan I was a member of the Vine Street Community Church with my parents for many years. My parents were married there by Gene I spent an entire summer with Dicky and his wife at the farm in dalton. I have fond memories of my childhood and working at the Yellow Deli with my brother David. I think one of the guys that worked there was named Eddie but I'm not sure.
I know that it's been a long time I'm Married and have 3 children and yes I am still a God fearing and loving man and I raise my children to be the same.
I would like to see all of you again soon. My brother David came to the reunion I wasn't able to come.
He said he saw Gene and Dicky and had a great time. By the way David and I are Identical Twins maby that will spark a memory. anyway I wish you all the best and hope that you can shake the stigmatism that has surounded you all for so long because I have nothing but fond memories of the time I spent with you all as a young man.
Hope to see you soon,
John Logan

Posted By : Andrew Myron – e-Mail: pino.paluchi@yahoo.com

Just found your home page its great, it looks like you folks do great service keep up the good work.
It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!
Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.:)
Best site I see. Thanks.
This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!

Posted By : Gwen – e-Mail: gwen218@minister.com

Good site, thanks.

Posted By : ejeq@yahoo.com – e-Mail:

Nice site!

Posted By : osbeorn – e-Mail: osbeorn@hotmail.com

Great job guys... Thank for you work...

Posted By : DokladON – e-Mail: rjejtezdhbdry@hotmail.com

Very good site! We like it! We just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site...Thanks!

Posted By : David Gustafson – e-Mail:

IT has been along time. Welcome back This time do not leave Chattanooga.Good or Bad this is your home. I lived in the Vine House and it changed my life. Thanks to all, david

Posted By : zeus – e-Mail: zeus@cool.com

Cool page! Respect to you!

Posted By : Jon Danker – e-Mail: jdanker@cox.net

This is in response to the 4/20/06 post by Daryl Phillips. Daryl, I'm sure you do not remember me, but the Soulpeace Band for Jesus Christ came through my small Iowa cowtown (Treynor) twice in the mid-70's (complete with the orange equipment truck that Tim? the drummer painted). I was 9 or 10 at the time and I recall the band stopping in at my parents' house a couple of times for dinner. You have no idea the splash your band made on our community's youth at that time. The Lord used your band to begin a very strong revival which actually resulted in a new church being formed in 1979. The church, now in Oakland, IA, is called Fellowship of Faith and is pastored by one of the teens you ministered to.

I stumbled upon this site by doing a Google search on Soulpeace Band just to see if anything would come up. Several months ago, I was going through some old boxes and found a cassette labeled Soulpeace 75. I was surprised that it actually played well. It was a concert in our town's church. I ran it into the computer and it converted very well to MP3, go figure. It was with acoustic guitars and no drums...I guess the title would be "Soulpeace...Live and Unplugged in Treynor". Anyhow, if you have the time drop me an email. It would be really interesting to chat.
Take care, Jon Danker

Posted By : pepto28 – e-Mail: pepto@mail.ru

Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!

Posted By : krystal – e-Mail: nick_crontak22@hotmail.com

Very good site, congratulations!

Posted By : Richard & Dawn – e-Mail: richpoore1@netzero.com

Please if you see Desha P Please tell Him Hi From Richard & Dawn Poore... Ask Him to give us a call.

Dawn and Rich

Posted By : Eileen Kennedy – e-Mail: kennedy.eileen@gmail.com


I am a college student writing a paper about the Twelve Tribes. As a supplement to my paper I am searching for older photographs of the beginnings of the community. I noticed there are some really beautiful pictures on the Yellow Deli site. Who could I contact about perhaps using a few photos as a supplement to my paper? Obviously, they would not be distributed or anything like that. Any help would be absolutely wonderful and much appreciated. Have a good day!
-Eileen Kennedy

Posted By : Daryl Philips – e-Mail:

I was one of those teenagers who visited the original Lighthouse in East Ridge when I was 16. God used Gene and Marsha to demonstrate the Christ-life to me in a real and genuine way. As a result of their witness, along with many others who were praying for me, I surrendered my life completely to Jesus. My life has never been the same!

I became the keyboard player for "The SoulPeace Band" (so named by Gene) and we used to play behind the Yellow Deli on weekends and come to the bible studies at the Vine House. The band cut two albums ('73 and '76) and Pastor Larry Draper of Woodland Park for investing their lives in this young teenager who was desperately needing someone to care.

Gene and Marsha, I am so glad you are doing well. I hope to see you at one these reunions!

"Thanks be to God for His unspeakable Gift."

-Daryl Phillips

Posted By : + – e-Mail:

Groovy! Just want to voice my love for G-d...



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