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Posted By : Jason Johnston – e-Mail: element4lifex8@yahoo.com
The yellow deli has such a gorgeous atmosphere, I fancy the swirly patterns on Mr. Leary's face after you walk in the door. I too enjoy partaking in Mr. Leary's favorite mystical journeys however my girlfriend won't let me do it anymore, bummer...
Posted By : Shannon – e-Mail: my4fireflies@yahoo.com
Wondering if I can find a way to make it there. Shuah-if you see this would you please email me @ my4fireflies@yahoo.com ? I'd love to catch up with you. Thanks. Shannon
Posted By : David Jones – e-Mail: davidjnes@gmail.com
The Yellow Deli Reunion is on Sunday, May 17 this year. It will begin at 12:00 PM. Gene Spriggs will be there to reflect on our beginnings, and of course we invite you to converse over anything that's on your heart. We want to hear from you!
Posted By : Shuah Jones – e-Mail:
My husband, my daughter, and my 2 brothers and I are planning on attending this year's reunion...! We are very excited to visit, and I just wanted to say that I am so glad you are hosting an open forum. I'm sure there are memories to be made....
Posted By : no name – e-Mail: twelvetribesorg@aol.com
I was fortunate to stay at your community in Hillsboro, Virginia for 6 weeks recently but had to move on due to the body guiding me to resolve personal issues in my life before coming back to a twelve tribes community. I have since read some negative things at a cult site and i have to say i didn't see these negative things going on at your Virginia community. I think many who run these cult sites make claims greater than the truth. I also think those who do leave your community do so with a bad heart and really need to surrender to the spirit. I pray they see the truth of the world asap and return humbly. I have been searching for the truth for over 50 years and found it with the body at twelve tribes. I hope to be able to also come to the yellow deli reunion and meet Malak and his new bride Roah. Malak is such a inspiration in surrender.
Posted By : Ed Wiseman – e-Mail: ed.wiseman@yellowdeli.com
If you knew us back in the day at the Yellow Deli, please come to the Yellow Deli reunion this year. It will be at the Yellow Deli at 737 McCallie Avenue in Chattanooga. We want this to be a big event with many, many folks that knew us many years ago. If you know anyone that used to know us, please tell them about the reunion or send us their contact info and we'll send them an invitation. Help us make this reunion the best ever! Sincerely, the folks at the Yellow Deli.
Posted By : stephanie – e-Mail: stephanie.rutherford@comcast.net
Please tell me what brand of yogurt you use in your amazing fruit salad. I don't even like yogurt, but yours is soo good.
Posted By : Pat Sheldon – e-Mail: hasah@twelvetribes.com
Hi to Amy Carter. Hope to see you this summer in Chatt. at the Yellow Deli Reunion. Hi also to Daryl,Soul Peace Band. Also, to Lucretia. Miss you. I am hoping you return this year also. Your old friend, Pat Sheldon "Hasah"
Posted By : Tanya – e-Mail:
Wow! I'm going there with my school on April 3. Can't wait!
Posted By : Daniel Fluker Jr – e-Mail: angelo.21@hotmail.com
I miss you all so very much. I hope all is well. Take Care.
Posted By : Aharon – e-Mail: aaren.james@gmail.com
I wish to someday visit the Yellow Deli! Maybe you'd like to name your new Cafes by that name? Thank you for the friendly music on your web site! -Friend, Aharon
Posted By : Kelly and Austin – e-Mail:
We have never been to the deli but have become such good friends with the community in Plymouth and spend nearly every day in the newly opened Blue Blinds Bakery! We can't wait to visit the Yellow Deli and meet the loving people in other communities.
Posted By : Ethan – e-Mail: winel44@aol.com
I just love your deli! Great environment, soothing music and everyone is so nice! Oh and the food is great too
Posted By : Dorothy Watkins – e-Mail: maryjulian1300@yahoo.com
I am very intrigued in the Twelve Tribes. I find organized religion empty. I look forward to finding out more about your community.
Posted By : Jodie Jewell Rice – e-Mail: jewellofthenile@bellsouth.net
Warm greetings and fond remebrances from Jodie in Florida. Hope some of you old timers, Like Eddie Wiseman, Gene, etc remember me. A Covenant College student smitten by the love I experienced during my time at the Vine Christan Community. Worked at the Deli's in Trenton, Dalton, Dayton, Brainerd, & the Areopagus. Remember Annie & Fred, Bill Tiller & Joellen, Cindy M, and helped her name baby Heather. Most of all hello my old friend Valerie and to Michael Ryland. Love to you all! My husband and I come to Chattanooga once in awhile, would really love to visit. My years associated with the Yellow Deli people also changed my life. and also where could you go to hear all that rad christain rock, like Phil Keaggy, Michael Omartian, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Honeytree, etc... Let me know if you do have any reunions. would love to see everyone.
Posted By : Matt Horning – e-Mail: mattjh1@verizon.net
The more I learn about your communities from your websites on the Internet the more I am amazed. I used to live in Christian community, but left and have not returned because of legalism and rules that ran the community instead of God's Spirit. I look forward to visiting one of your communities in the near future. I love you guys! In Christ, Matt Horning
Posted By : Irrevariall – e-Mail: wrandyartinty@gawab.com
help! help me somebody please) I can't find information about tasty food. What can I cook on my birthday? Tell me please, who knows! My cat GerhOvance I will be grateful
Posted By : Rick Sell – e-Mail: rickvid@drizzle.com
I was a member of the New Covenant community in Baltimore in the 70's. We, too, ran a deli, Our Father's Place, patterned after the Yellow Deli, just outside Johns Hopkins University. I went to Chat only once, tho many of our folks spent much more time there. Still brings back warm memories and, oddly, I occasionally dream that I am back working in the delli even all these years later! And it is always at lunch rush...
Posted By : Carrie Keown – e-Mail: carriemk1@yahoo.com
I am very happy that you are back in Chattanooga. I love the atmosphere you have along with the very nice folks you have running the business. It will be at least a weekly place for me to eat lunch. Thanks again. It's hard to find good old homemade sandwiches.
Posted By : ROB – e-Mail: robf28@yahoo.com

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