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Posted By : Maria – e-Mail:

Hi, This is Maria. I´ve been to your deli last summer.

The deli Rose was YUMMY and the carrot cake as well. All I can say is that place is AWESOME.

Do you all have a place like this in spain? Love, Maria.

Posted By : SunshineMoonChild – e-Mail:
I feel the vibes, can't wait to come sit a spell and share the love =)
Posted By : john mitroka – e-Mail: mitroka@zoomtown.com
I have been looking for someone that I feel close to for a long time is there any chance I may come to your group and see what everything is about? If not is there any chance you all would just talk with me? mitroka@zoomtown.com
Posted By : David Sharp – e-Mail: redblarp@yahoo.com

What a well put together website. Can't wait to visit! See You all in the near future.


Posted By : Barb Overall – e-Mail: bjoverall@yahoo.com

Yellow Deli Family.....

George Mavrik and I would like to thank you for the giving of your time and wonderful food the night before your opening. We definitely will be back with our friends. We both wish you all the best....and are sure you will reap the benefits of all your hard work!

Fondly, George and Baqrb

Posted By : Terry Temple – e-Mail: ttemple@templemedia.biz www.templemedia.biz
Hi -- I just heard a Yellow Deli is opening 2 doors down from me on Main Street in the darling mountain town, Andrews, NC. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Can't wait to be with you every day...
Posted By : David Severy – e-Mail: lambsev@gmail.com lambspoet.blogspot.com
I visited the delis in 1976, with a group from Baltimore Md. who built Our Father's Place deli in Baltimore modeled on the Yellow Delis in Tenn. and Ga. I'm glad to see the Yellow Deli's are back. People still need the Lord Jesus and time is certainly short and shorter every day !!! May the Lord bless you all out of Zion, Amen
Posted By : christy* – e-Mail:
i LOVE the yellow deli. i tell all my friends it is truly an experience to eat there. a great one. it is one of my favorite places in chattanooga!
Posted By : Christine – e-Mail: princessbubbles84@yahoo.com
Delicious food. I look forward to enjoying it again in the near future. Great Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. God Bless.
Posted By : Patty – e-Mail:
Thanks for the tour! How nice to get a "sneak preview" and see the restaurant actually being built. What an awesome group of talented folks. Your craftmanship is beautiful! We're looking forward to dropping in when you're open for business! Best wishes!! :)
Posted By : Terry Yonemura – e-Mail: terriy@myctmh.com yonoscreations.etsy.com
I saw you this past weekend in the Vista Christmas parade. I am looking forward to your grand opening! I create all kinds of handmade goodies, mostly from recycled materials, and also teach classes in crochet, recycled art, and other fiber arts. I believe this could be my new "hangout" place! Welcome, and keep us posted as to the opening!
Posted By : Ulrich – e-Mail:
I have only 1 thing to say about your food. YUMMY YUMMY! I am very much looking forward to visiting again.
Posted By : Kenneth AKA: Pug – e-Mail: PugPaulK@yahoo.com
I have longed to be part of a Christian Community such as this for twenty years or longer. What a blessing to God The Yellow Deli is. I will seek God's will on this. Peace be onto each of you my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Posted By : Deb Mears – e-Mail: jozzgirl@hotmail.com
Hey Guys! Just popping in to say I love you all and miss you - from one who dropped in and out so long ago. Gilda - now Grace Corder, and Paulette - now Priscilla, I miss your beautiful faces. Remember me? Love Deb
Posted By : Willie – e-Mail: William-M-Miller@utc.edu
Hey I just had brought my first order into the Yellow Deli about 15 minutes ago and I must say...It was the best food I have ever had in my life. All of you were super nice and I really look forward to coming back, let's say, maybe tomorrow.
Posted By : Scott's mom – e-Mail: camienglish68@gmail.com
Hello, it's Camille and family just back from our visit to your community and to see my son Scott. First of all, it was great to see Scott surrounded by such loving people in such a positive environment. Secondly, it was great to see him at peace for the first time in a long time. Thank you all for your warm hospitality. We enjoyed the company, the food, and Samantha loved having the run of the front of the deli! We will be back to visit Scott and all his new friends in the near future. Thanks again for the hospitality!
Posted By : connie – e-Mail: csheddan@sutherlandclinic.com
I had the best sandwich ever in your deli yesterday. It is such a peaceful, pleasant place to be... a true ministry of Jesus' love.
Posted By : Yellow Deli – e-Mail: contact@yellowdeli.com
Our publications describe psychedelics as "a shortcut to being spiritual, but without the power of love to bring it about." We encourage you to take a look at our "Grateful" publications on the twelvetribes.org web site, particularly the article named "Drugs."
Posted By : Scott – e-Mail: scottiescottie12@gmail.com
I'm pretty sure they don't condone the use of LSD for a spiritual experience.
Posted By : Pat Sheldon – e-Mail: hasah@twelvetribes.com
Thank you Jerry and Betty Davis, David Robinson, Jody Jewel, Bill Rosser,Charles,Moshia,Atarah and my wonderful nephew, Ben for making the trip to the reunion. It was so GOOD to see you!! Love to hear from you. Pat Sheldon

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